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Feature: Vibrant Sarajevo with ongoing street art festival

SARAJEVO, July 9 (Xinhua) -- The annual street art festival is being staged across the Bosnia and Herzegovina's (BiH) capital Sarajevo, with the aim to wake up the spirit of the community.

Started in 2015, the three-day festival is launched in July every year and it coincides with the return of thousands of Bosnian expatriates who spend holidays in Sarajevo enjoying the numerous festivals.

With the slogan "Your city, your art," this year's festival started on Friday and aimed to develop the industry of art and economy and to widen the country's tourist attractions.

Unlike art festivals elsewhere, the one in Sarajevo doesn't oblige the public to visit, but comes by itself with presence in various public sites of the city, such as parks, streets and promenades.

Artists and bands are almost everywhere the city during the three days, offering the public diverse entertainment.

"I am for the second time in Sarajevo, and I decided to be part of the festival of the street art. I painted murals on the walls of the very famous Papagajka building in Sarajevo. On this festival, I expressed my artist side, I am very happy to be part of it today," David Miller, a student at Heidelberg University, told Xinhua.

"I visited Scream Sarajevo exhibition today, it is very inspiring. This street art festival is unique because it is present all around Sarajevo, in parks, buildings and streets. It is amazing!" Emina Tulic, a woman living in Sarajevo told Xinhua.

Visiting the artists painting murals on the walls of the famous Papagajka building in Sarajevo, Alisa Teletovic, a dancer, told Xinhua that she is happy because expressive arts can be seen in Sarajevo which means that new generations are going to think "outside the boxes" and beyond the limits of their tradition.

A special part for children is also prepared within the festival, with musical workshops, clowns and dance shows available.

The second day of the festival is featured with traditional body painting using natural dye of henna, an extract from plant. It's loved by many visitors, especially women.

Ahmed Gabr, an artist, explained the cultural meanings behind the body painting, which usually represent good health, fertility, wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

On the third and last day, the festival is ending with an art market, where visitors can buy traditional handmade items.

And exhibition "Life without the style is (im)possible" also opens Sunday afternoon in Papagajka building in Sarajevo.

Over the years, the Festival of Street Art has become one of the most popular cultural events in Sarajevo thanks to its diversity and wide public involvement.


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